Ebony Lynn

Beauty Spell


Ebony Lynn is a Model in Chicago, IL specializing in Runway, Print, Editorial and Ecommerce.  Her work can be viewed on our Portfolio page.  Ebony is also an Actress in Chicago, IL specializing in TV, Commercials and Voiceover.  Her work can be viewed on our Multimedia Page.  She is signed with Lily's Talent Agency located in Chicago, IL.

Ebony is a Board Certified Esthetician in Illinois and Indiana.  She specializes in anti-aging skin care utilizing cutting edge technology, natural ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils.  Ebony is a Pivot Point International Academy Alumni.  She graduated in 2004 and continues to receive ongoing education.  

Ebony recently launched Beauty Spell.  Beauty Spell is a vegan aromatherapy oil for the skin, hair and nails.  This luxurious oil preserves the integrity of the skin, hair and nails.  Head over to our Beauty Spell page and purchase your bottle today!